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Lawyer Online marketing - Why Ranking within the Top 10 With SEO isn't Good Enough

If you have been pitched by Online marketing companies, it is very likely Lawyers ranking you have been told that the top ranking in the search engines for the law firm's Site is a good objective to target. On it's face this sounds great - what law firm don't want to be about the first page of Google for prime traffic keyword phrases?

This will make for excellent sales material, but your law practice Law Offices ranking is in the business of having client leads, not ranking in the search engines. Being a client, you may not realize the actual distribution between the site that is ranked # 1 and all other "1st page" Sites. Studies show that 40% with the clicks navigate to the top google listing. That leaves only 60% of clicks for positions 2-10. Since you may guess, the amount of leads greatly diminishes as you go down in rank, so the #5 position, whilst not completely meaningless, has arguably only 1/10th with the price of the most notable position.

When you've got a search engine optimization enter in place, there's considerably greater ROI in moving one strong keyword phrase (as an example, "Miami Family Lawyer") from your #5 position to the #1 position as there are in moving 10 other phrases from obscurity onto lower rankings with the first page of Google.

The top law practice Online marketing companies are a team using their lawyer clients and be sure that the interests are aligned. If your existing SEO firm is pushing "1st page" rankings for a large number of keywords, without placing adequate emphasis on ranking #1 at as many relevant keyword phrases as you can, think twice if they are truly representing your own interests.

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